How to Include Chia Seeds in Your Diet

Chia seeds and are a tiny but super food. We know what you’re thinking: “Every week there’s a new superfood that I’m supposed to eat, and it seems like the very next week I’m supposed to stop eating it.”

While chia seeds cannot be relied upon to help you lose weight or cure the common cold, they are packed with nutrients, fiber, protein, and amino acids. You can learn more about their actual nutritional content, here.

These low-calorie, low-sodium, high impact seeds have very little flavor – which makes them easy to incorporate into your diet without having to develop new taste buds.

Here are some simple and tasty ways to incorporate chia seeds into your diet:

  • Make a pudding

Chia seeds expand when soaked in milk or water overnight. The result is a gelatinous texture that has the same mouth-feel as tapioca pudding. Add a sweetener like honey and fill with fresh berries – you’ve got a healthy snack that tastes absolutely decadent. Here are 5 excellent chia seed pudding recipes recommended by the ladies over at Wellness Mama.

2) Top your favorite foods

Sprinkle chia seeds on top of your salad, yogurt or oatmeal for some extra crunchy texture.

3) Add chia seeds to baked goods

Because chia seeds do not have a discernible flavor, they are great to incorporate into your favorite baked desserts, breads and pancakes. The seeds will add a hearty texture without overwhelming the flavor.

4) Turn them into a spread.

Mix ¼ cup chia seeds with a few table spoons of maple syrup. Add a few cups on berries and cook over medium-low heat until it thickens. Spread liberally over biscuits or toast.

Love chia seeds? How do you incorporate them into your diet? Tell us in the comments!

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