The USDA Organic seal shows verification that our ingredients and formulas meet rigorous standards promoting ecological balance and prohibiting the use of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and GMO’s. Being certified organic goes beyond being natural, it means that our products can only include certain ingredients and processing methods in order to remain true to more sustainable ways of living.

Yes! We conduct 3rd party testing on all of our products before they hit the market so that we and more importantly you can feel confident about performance. We stay clear of adding unnecessary harsh chemicals that could be used to boost thickness or sudsing. We feel that a detergent that can clean in its simplest state is the best! It’s our way of REIMAGINING CLEAN.

Yes to all! Additionally, we are also Leaping Bunny certified which means that our products are NOT tested on animals.

In 2015 we decided to make a conscious effort to provide more sustainable products inside and out, formula and bottle.  Our clear plastic bottles are made incorporating sugar cane resin which reduces the amount of new petroleum based plastic being used.  And sugar cane is a renewable source that captures 2.15 lbs of CO2 for every pound of sugar cane resin produced versus petroleum-based resin which emits 1.83 lbs of CO2 for every pound of resin produced. Plus our bottles are recyclable!

In most cases our scented products use a proprietary blend of essential oils to achieve the perfect aroma for our formulas.  In these instances the scent is listed as fragrance, however we guarantee that they are still free from the harsh chemicals we promise not to use.  For some products the single essential oil may be listed since it is not a proprietary blend.

We recommend our spray cleaners and wipes only be used on non-porous surfaces such as sealed stone, painted wood, plastic, stainless steel and glass. These cleaners are formulated using acetic acid, which comes from white vinegar an effective natural all-purpose cleaning agent, that can remove greasy, soiled areas as well as hard water deposits and rust stains from sinks.

Our products are not registered with the EPA and cannot guarantee the chemical strength needed to kill viruses and bacteria.  Our products are perfect for every day uses that do not require the elimination of potential virus or bacteria contaminated areas.   

Due to the organic nature of our formulas and to ensure maximum performance, we recommend discarding products at end of their shelf life.

This is NOT recommended. Our formulas are not similar to any detergents you may have used before and results cannot be guaranteed if other formulas are introduced to ours, even just residue. 

Cool, dry areas are optimal. Store safely away from children in the original container, keeping caps tightly secured.

Generally speaking, our gentle detergents are excellent to use with wool and delicate items. We also suggest that you wash such items in cold water (hand washing is always preferred) and lay flat to dry. However ,it is always recommended to check garment care instructions first, and when in doubt test on a small inconspicuous section of the fabric.  


  • Vinegar is OK in the rinse cycle only.
  • Sodium carbonate is OK when put in drum or dissolved in water first but NOT mixed with the detergent.
  • Essential oils are OK when added with each detergent dose before each wash, but not into the entire detergent bottle as it will not blend properly.

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