How to Clean Up Your Room In Less Than 10 Minutes

May 10th is National Clean Up Your Room Day and this goes for you too, mom and dad! Many any room look neat and tidy in under 10 minutes or less with these 5 simple tricks, then save the deep cleaning for later.

  • A tidy focal point = illusion of clean

The biggest focal point in any bedroom is of course—the bed! Ignore your urge to skip this chore in the morning and take the time to make your bed. This step will instantly make your room look put together. Apply the same principle to other areas of the home by tidying up your couch and coffee table, kitchen counters, dining room table, entry way or other focal points.

  • Keep your laundry monster in the closet

Too many clothes to put away in under 10 minutes? We understand… Temporarily place your clothes in a laundry hamper or stuff them in the closet just to get them out of your main bedroom area. Take any dirty clothes and place them in the washing machine, even if you can’t start the load until later.

  • Hide and go clean

Odds and ends have got to go, so grab a box and stow, stow, stow. Take up any loose items like papers, tools, toys, cups, and clutter and place them in a box or bin. Find a place to tuck it all away and sort through it another day.

  • Clean what can be seen

Now that all surfaces are clear give everything a good wipe down so your room looks not only tidy, but clean. Because they are used so often, dirty surfaces like counters and tables tend to be a noticed more often by guests.

  • Sort of have time

If you have any time left, take a moment and begin the process of sorting and organizing items by type so everything has a dedicated place in your room. This process will save you time tidying up in the future. Build out your organization skills from here by taking each category and arranging items by shape, size, color, use, or other.

  • Finishing touch

Lastly, add a finished touch to give your room a polished look. Light a candle, burn an incense stick, add in a flower arrangement, or start up your essential oil diffuser. This will make even the wildest space feel a little more calm, clean, and truly inviting.