Creating A Sustainable Office

Making a difference to our planetary health can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting within the home and office you can create a sustainable lifestyle that works for you, our planet and health. Follow us room-to-room as we help you create more sustainable spaces!

Creating a Sustainable Office:

Many of us spend the majority of our time at work, either in our home or in a company office, making them an important space to incorporate sustainability practices. Follow these tips to make your office an eco-friendly one:

Track your progress… Print this as a checklist!

Manage Waste

  • Print only when necessary, on both sides and using reduced ink in draft mode.
  • Purchase recycled printer paper and notepads.
  • Set up online payments and schedule bills to be sent by email rather than standard mail.
  • Unsubscribe to unwanted catalogs and mail.
  • Read digitally, check out books at your local library or share books and magazines to cut down on paper demands.
  • Set out a recycling bin to prevent acceptable items from entering landfills.
  • Properly dispose of ink and electronics by taking them to retailers and facilities that accept them for recycling, re-use or offer environmentally safe disposal.

Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Use your phone, tablet or computer for note-taking.
  • Set your computer and phone background to a dark color to save on energy consumption when in use.
  • Dim electronics when possible, and when not in use be sure to close them or set them to go black rather than using screen savers.
  • Keep electronics dust free, cool and provide them with adequate air flow to keep them running efficiently.
  • Install energy efficient LED lighting or CFL bulbs, instead of incandescent or fluorescent lighting.
  • Embrace natural lighting when possible or add accent lighting to minimize your use of bright overhead lighting.
  • Turn off lights when your office is not in use; install dimmers and sensor lighting if possible.
  • Eat out less often.
  • Bring meals from home in reusable containers.
  • When eating out for lunch or grabbing your morning coffee, bring reusable cups and containers, choose emailed receipts instead of printed, ask for no straws or lids, and patron restaurants that use recyclable materials and sustainable ingredients.