Creating A Sustainable Bedroom

Making a difference to our planetary health can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting within the home you can create a sustainable lifestyle that works for you, our planet and health. Follow us room-to-room as we help you create more sustainable spaces!

sustainable bedroom

Creating a Sustainable Bedroom:

Bedrooms set the stage for the start of our day and create the mood for a peaceful night’s rest. How can you create a more sustainable bedroom that can help our planet enjoy a healthy balance and reflect positive vibrations? Use these money and energy saving tips to get started:

Track your progress… Print this as a checklist!

  • Rethink your decor

We all can appreciate a freshly decorated bedroom, especially one filled with sustainable products. Get creative when redecorating! Up-cycle materials to create your own art and accessories or shop at your local thrift store for gently used items. When purchasing new items keep it minimal and reach for fair-trade, sustainably made items first.

  • Shop sustainable textiles and furniture

Shop used before new. When purchasing new items keep it minimal and reach for fair-trade, sustainably made items first. Furniture and textiles made with natural fibers and cruelty-free materials are the best way to support sustainability. Shop local and support local artists that use sustainable materials to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Wash less often

Help save energy and water consumption by washing your linens and textiles less often. You can opt to wash some textiles less frequently depending upon how heavily they are used. Some items may include spare bedroom sheets, decorative throws or pillows, or comforter inserts.

  • Take inventory of your closet

Did you know it can take 2,700 liters to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt (Source: World Wildlife)? At the end of each season, assess your closet to determine what may need or not need to purchase. Donate, recycle or compost unwanted clothing. Before buying new items, shop for gently used clothing at your local thrift stores first. Create a wardrobe made of natural, sustainable and fair-trade materials to support global sustainability.

  • Swap out lightbulbs

Replace incandescent or fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LEDs or CFL bulbs to save energy. Installing dimmers and sensor lighting can make it easy to create the perfect mood lighting and prevent lights from remaining on all day after you get dressed.

  • Turn down your AC and heat

Many houses have bedrooms located in the same area, like the upstairs floor of the home. When unoccupied, set your thermostat to a higher temperature in the warmer months, or lower the heat settings in colder months for these large areas of the home to save money and energy. Similarly, adjust the temperature when you will be asleep. A few degrees can make a big difference in your energy bill and you likely won’t notice the difference!