Creating A Sustainable Bathroom

Making a difference to our planetary health can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting within the home you can create a sustainable lifestyle that works for you, our planet and health. Follow us room-to-room as we help you create more sustainable spaces!

sustainable bathroom

Creating a Sustainable Bathroom:

Bathrooms require vital resources like water and electricity to meet your daily self-care needs. Make yours run optimally to support sustainability and showcase your love for the planet.

Track your progress… Print this as a checklist!

  • Take shorter showers

Taking shorter showers can save you big bucks on your utility bill and help reduce water waste. Remember it takes a lot of energy to clean the water that flows from our pipes! Try turning this one into a challenge to see who can shower in the least amount of time.

  • Take cooler showers

Simply opting to take a cooler shower than usual reduces the energy consumption needed to heat your water to hotter temperatures. Save extra energy by turning down your water heater in hotter climates or summer months.

  • Install energy efficient faucets, shower heads and toilets

Take your water and energy savings a step further by upgrading these your faucets, shower heads and toilets to energy efficient ones. These appliances and accessories are specifically designed to use less water to achieve the same results.

  • Turn off the water

When brushing teeth and washing hands simply turn off the water until it is time to rinse.

  • Wash your towels less often

Towels are one household item that can withstand less frequent washing. Aim to wash towels once a week and be sure to allow them ample time to dry before use. Set aside a designated hand towel for messier bathroom needs, like makeup removal, to keep your full size towels cleaner longer.

  • Use waterless products (ex: bar soaps and shampoos vs liquid)

Dry bar soaps and bar shampoos and conditioners help reduce water consumption during processing and tend to be more concentrated so you can use less product over time. Reach for organic and cruelty-free options to boost your sustainability factor.

  • Commit to sustainable products

Make the switch to beauty and bath products made of recycled, organic, cruelty-free and fair trade materials. This change will reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals and our environments. Always be sure to recycle empty containers once you’re finished using them.

In addition to makeup, skin care and bath products, be sure to clean your bathroom regular using sustainable cleaning products, like GO by greenshield organic™ Multi-Surface Wipes, Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaners.

  • Eliminate plastic

When it comes time to replace your plastic hairbrushes, toothbrushes and other accessories, opt for sustainable alternatives like those made with natural fibers and wooden handles.

  • Purchase toilet paper made with recycled paper

It’s claimed the average American uses around 50 pounds of toilet paper annually. Help reduce demand on industrial paper products by opting for toilet paper made with 100% recycled material. You can find some great options at online retailer

  • Swap out lightbulbs

Lighting makes a big difference to your daily self-care routine and our energy demands. Install LED or CFL bulbs. Opt for neutral colored lightbulbs rather than those with strong cool or warm tones to create balanced and gentle lighting.

  • Turn off the lights

To cut down on electrical consumption, welcome natural light whenever possible into your bathroom and always remember to turn off lights when you leave the room. Installing dimmers or sensor lighting makes it extra easy to control your energy usage.