Our USDA Certified Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner in Pine is made with non-toxic ingredients, and is specially formulated to remove lime scale and iron deposits with superior cling action. Freshen up your bathroom with the smell of pine, made using organic essential oils and no harmful chemicals.



– removes limescale and mineral deposits
– superior cling
– made with USDA Certified Organic and non-toxic ingredients
– no harsh chemicals
– no GMOs
– no animal testing
– bleach and phosphate free
– septic system safe
– fragranced using organic essential oils
– 100% recyclable bottles made with sustainable sugar cane

Shake before use. Apply when bowl has not been recently flushed. Squeeze cleaner around toilet and under toilet rim until surface is coated. Allow surface to remain coated for up to 2 minutes. Scrub thoroughly with toilet bowl brush then flush.

Acetic Acid (Organic)64-19-7
Sodium Chloride7647-14-5
Ethyl Alcohol (Organic)64-17-5
Xanthan Gum11138-66-2
Sodium Citrate06132-04-3
Organic FragranceProprietary


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)