Experience Superior Cleaning Products that are People, Pet & Planet Safe

Harsh cleaning chemicals should have no place in your home or office.  They are routinely sprayed on hard surfaces, rugs, glass and wood cabinets and detergents wash the clothes that touch you or your child’s skin.  These conventional cleaners  and detergents utilize toxic ingredients, leave invisible residues after use and contribute to a range of health problems for your family, especially  children, the elderly and pets. These effects include respiratory, reproductive, allergy-inducing, dermatological and a host of other maladies, some of which are immediately felt; others which are not realized until a later date.  Further, air quality is consistently poorer indoors (up to 10 X more) than outdoors because of the volatiles (VOC’s) emanating from sources such as cleaning products, according to the EPA.

The good news is you now have a healthier, cost effective and high performance option.  At Greenology Products, we offer an entire line of USDA Certified Organic detergents and cleaners under our exclusive brand, greenshield organic, that are safe for your family, pets and our precious planet. And our cleaners work!  

So why is Certified Organic so important?  Because not a single long-term study exists anywhere evaluating the effects traditional cleaning chemicals have on children or adults, and not knowing those health effects is just not acceptable to our company.  Compounding this problem is that there are no mandated regulatory standards for cleaning products.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  There are different groups making commendable attempts to offer guidance, but they are voluntary, not compulsory.  This is why we chose to lead in a new direction.  We felt consumers should benefit from the highly regulated standards of the National Organic Program, administered by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture); the same  standards met by manufacturers of organic milk, organic produce, organic baby food and all organic consumables.  Certified Organic means that a minimum of 95% of all the ingredients in our products must come from certified organic farms, growers, processors or distributors.  

Live, Love, Organic!