BrittanySales Account Manager

My main focus is to maximize sales opportunities and execute strategies to grow our brands, drive sales and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.  I work purposefully every day to maintain top notch service levels with our customers, as well as, develop programs that offer value and create accessibility to our products nationwide.  I love to cook/eat great food, enjoy craft libations, practice yoga, travel with my husband and play outside with my buds; German Shepard, Kafka and Great Dane, Atlas.  I am passionate about the organic lifestyle and it is my greatest pleasure to serve our community and world in this way!


Lara - Development Chemist

I am a product development chemist and spend the majority of my time either creating new detergents/cleaners or working on improving our existing products. I received my PhD from NC State University in Chemical Engineering, where I received training more suited to the pharmaceutical field. I decided to work with Greenology, instead, after I spent a few years raising my children and began to realize how the health of my children can be so affected by the everyday chemicals we use in our households. When I am not mixing cleaners, I love to spend time outdoors with my family…biking, hiking, camping, and boating. It’s a beautiful world we live in and I hope we can keep it that way!


ScottPurchasing & Inventory Manager

The main focus of my job is to ensure we have sufficient material on hand to produce our products and to make sure those products are produced in a timely manner so they are available for our customers to purchase. One of the best parts about the position is working on new projects and constantly learning new things within our industry, while also leaning on my experience from previous positions. I am a passionate sports fan with much of that passion directed at all things Virginia Tech (my alma mater), the New York Yankees, and New York Giants. I also enjoy keeping up with the latest technology, whether it’s a new smart phone or tablet, gaming system, or smart home gadgets. My two boys keep me on my toes and getting to be a dad is the highlight of each day.

Molly - Business Development Manager

My job is to support the production and availability of superior, innovative products while keeping sustainability a top priority. I thrive on improving operational efficiency, driving business growth and building partnerships with the community for greater causes. I’m obsessed with German Shepherds, Bama football and very early morning workouts.  I live by the Nike motto “Just Do it” and try to make the world a better a place every day.



Jessica - Formulation Chemist

As a formulator at heart, natural ingredients have played an indirect part in my career since the beginning, but Greenology puts it front and center. I am proud to put effective, relevant products on the shelf, which is one of my life goals. I’m a born and raised Jersey girl, but the South blessed me with its sweet tea and cheesy grits. When I’m not in the lab, I love trying new restaurants and recipes, crafting, and relaxing with my husband and two doggie children, Jed and Ellie.



 - Logistics Coordinator 

  If it moves for Greenology, I am the guy! I am responsible for all  inbound and outbound freight, supply chain analytics, and strategic  logistics decisions. I earned a degree in business and supply chains from the beautiful Appalachian State University. Prior to Greenology  I worked for a leading full service 3PL in a variety of departments  with targeted knowledge of LTL freight and analytics. I am excited to  use my logistics experience to get our safe products into the hands  of our customers. I enjoy working hard every day so I can play even harder! Outside of work I enjoy cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle trials, motocross, hiking, traveling, and being with family. I enjoy spending time with my wonderful fiancé and two crazy golden retrievers. I am always open to new adventures and enjoy living life to its fullest every day!