greenshield organic®, a division of Greenology Products, Inc. was created by a dad on a mission to protect families from the harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products. Under our greenshield organic® brand, we manufacture the leading line of USDA Certified Organic Laundry Detergents, Spray, and Specialty Cleaners in the country. We are on a mission to make healthy cleaning products that perform and are available at competitive prices, while also manufacturing in the USA!

Why Us

It's plain and simple: We offer an organic story, not just a "natural" story.

To be certified organic by the USDA, our ingredient contents must meet the NOP (National Organic Program) standards for 95% or higher Organic ingredient content (the same as Organic Milk or Organic Produce). As USDA Certified Organic product, our detergents and cleaners must adhere to stringent government guidelines all the way from the sourcing of our ingredients to the manufacture of our cleaners.

On the other hand, “natural” is not a regulated term. "Natural" is not equated with any government standards like ORGANIC is on food, crops, food processing products, health and beauty products, and home supplies with the USDA. "Natural" is important, but not as crucial as ORGANIC. There is no mistaking what ORGANIC means while “natural” is a very undefined term.

Along with being USDA Certified Organic, we disclose every ingredient on every label. We promise to use Zero GMOs, Zero Synthetic Preservatives, and Zero Harsh Chemicals when producing greenshield organic® cleaning products.


Greenology is the Science of Environmentally Safe Cleaning.

Our chemistry can trace it's origins to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Birds & other Wild Life were cleaned with our safe, oil removing chemistries.

Motivated by those brief moments of ecological success, today, we are an even more determined company, focused on raising the bar of standards in our industry.